The services we offer in the TLC scenario allow eliminating the transport and use of heavy, complex and expensive measuring equipment in favor of greater flexibility, accuracy and above all safety for the inspection and management of towers, antennas and piling lines. Our team provide services that start from data collection up to the creation of accurate and high resolution datasets.

Our solution.

Our services, combined with the experience and professionalism of the operators, allow us to operate with drones suitable for the purpose and not affected by electromagnetic interference for risk mitigation, using high-definition image sensors including thermal images.

Some of the infrastructures covered by the service: piled data connection lines in remote and / or difficult to access areas, mobile network antennas and communication towers with complex infrastructures.

Objective #1

Measurements and surveys of the state of the lines and evaluation of the civil works to be carried out.

Objective #2

Control of the setting data of the antennas for an optimal use of frequencies.

Objective #3

Provide information on the equipment present on telecommunication towers for asset management and control.