The Mapping service enables to speed up data collection processes, with extraordinary geospatial accuracy and safety guarantees for operators, especially in areas that are not very accessible or even at risk.
Thanks to the combination of multirotor and fixed-wing vehicles equipped with sensors for photogrammetric, multispectral and LiDAR collection, we can cover areas of any size. Digital Terrain models for the calculation of volumes and greater cost control. Our team provide services that start from data collection up to the creation of accurate and high resolution datasets.

Our solution.

Use of fixed wing multirotor drones equipped with high definition cameras, RGB, Thermal, Multispectral and Scanner according to the activities to be conducted. The collected data is processed to provide all the information relevant to the purpose of the project. The images and reports produced are stored and made accessible for 3D views and high precision measurements. Some of the infrastructures covered by the service: buildings and / or geographic areas, construction and maintenance sites and 3D models and point cloud for verification and measurement of buildings and / or geographical areas.

Objective #1

Measurements and surveys of volumes and state of the art.

Objective #2

Optimize control processes for construction sites and construction / maintenance areas.

Objective #3

Provide relevant information for the optimization of maintenance and construction activities.