Inspections are often activities that require a significant amount of time and resources and are sometimes carried out in environments with a high risk of accidents. The use of drones minimizes risks, costs and execution times.

Our solution.

Use of fixed-wing multirotor drones equipped with high-definition, RGB, Thermal, Multispectral and Scanner cameras according to the activities to be conducted. The collected data is processed to provide all the information relevant to the purpose of the project. The images collected and the reports produced are stored and made accessible for 3D visualizations and accurate measurements. Some of the infrastructures covered by the service: industrial installations, flare stack and Chimney, hydroelectric power plants, pipeline, telecommunication towers and antennas and civil structures.

Objective #1

Provide measurement and survey data to service managers for assessing the state of the infrastructures.

Objective #2

Optimize the analysis and the processes to prevent emergencies and criticalities of the plants.

Objective #3

Provide relevant information for the optimization of maintenance and modernization activities of the plants.