Use of Unmanned Aerial Solutions for rapid and effective interventions in emergency situations, for real-time monitoring of the event and for the evaluation of the consequences of the event.

Our solution.

Use of multirotor and fixed-wing drones equipped with high-definition cameras and any additional specific sensors required for the purpose of the activity. The drones are designed, built and enabled according to the specifications and objectives of the project to be able to operate safely in both VLOS and BVLOS modes to cover different distance or time needs. The images / videos and data are transmitted in Real-Time directly to the control centers for immediate analysis using the 4G network and thanks to algorithms specially developed by us, and to carry out a post-analysis with processing and reconstruction of 3D models.

Objective #1

Provide real-time information to the Decision Makers for rapid and effective decisions.

Objective #2

Optimize the processes for the analysis of particular situations and / or emergencies to reduce the risk of repetition.

Objective #3

Reduce intervention times in particularly critical situations.