Use of Unmanned Aerial Solutions for Real-Time traffic monitoring, for accident’s evaluation and emergency situations, in order to provide information for analysis, prediction and measurement of transport dynamics and metrics.

Our solution.

Use of multirotor and fixed wing drones equipped with high-definition cameras, for Patrolling and Monitoring activities. The drones are designed, built and enabled according to the specifications and objectives of the project to be able to operate safely in both VLOS and BVLOS modes to cover different distance or time needs. The images / videos and data collected are transmitted in Real-Time directly to the traffic control centers for immediate analysis through 4G network utilizing ad-hoc algorithms developed by us. The collected images can also be processed to reconstruct a 3D model for detailed post analysis.

We have successfully developed and used our solution in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, as part of the Falcon 360 project of RTA (Road and Transport Authority), where we have operated for about a year Traffic Monitoring and Support Services for emergencies / accidents for a total of over 500 flight hours in accordance with the permits and supervision of local authorities.

Objective #1

Provide real-time information to the Decision Makers for rapid and effective decisions.

Objective #2

Optimize the analysis’s processes of particular situations and / or emergencies to reduce the risk of repetition.

Objective #3

Provide support to the competent authorities for an optimal management of traffic and movement dynamics in case of specific events (e.g., sport events, fairs, etc.).